A guide to picking the perfect backdrop for your setting

Don’t stress too much about locations! I promise you will have fun either way! Locations do not determine the quality of your photos, but more the atmosphere of them.

Each of the locations below also lists certain criteria such as foot traffic and price, as some locations require a fee to enter, such as the Arboretum. If you are uncomfortable being photographed in public or having people curiously watch you (because some will watch, some will even want to sneak in a few pictures with you!) please take foot traffic into consideration. My goal is to have you feeling as comfortable as possible on your shoot, and if people staring affects your comfort, please let me know!


*Texas locations only



$: FREE!

Foot Traffic: Light

Adriatica is a stunning new development (and also one of my personal favorite photo locations) in the heart of Mckinney’S Stonebridge Ranch. Modeled after Italian coastal villages, Adriatica will make it seem like you went on a European vacation for your session! A variety of gorgeous structures including a stunning protestant cathedral, 350 foot clock tower, and spanning stone archways will provide any wanderlusting model a day of travel right in your own backyard. Perfect for anyone rocking an exotic or high fashion look! Beware, parking can be tricky due to local construction.

Feature 2

Arbor hills is an awesome natural location with lots of whimsical fields, gorgeous wildflowers (depending on the season), and lush plant life! Perfect for flowy gowns and flower crowns! Also hosts a cute train track, if you are willing to do the walk! Located just off of Windhaven and Midway, this location is often the closest for most clients and the easiest to do. I would avoid this location if you have to shoot midday, as it is bright as heck and offers little shade. No one wants to be sweaty!

Feature 3

Downtown Carrollton is perfect for anyone who rocks the vintage look. From cute murals to train tracks to classic brick walls painted in vines, this is perfect for anyone planning on using their photos in a fashion blog! Too cute! Parking can be difficult, I believe the sight may be experiencing some construction that can lead to difficult parking.