Session information

 Welcome! There’s a lot to know about a session, so here’s a little guide to help you prep for the day and what to expect after the fact.

what to wear

So it’s time for your photos and you are trying to decide how to look your best the day of!

Hair and Makeup

I often recommend, especially to my seniors, to get your hair and makeup done somewhere. Places like Sephora and MAC have great counter services and will know the best products to use for on-camera purposes. If you will be doing your hair and makeup yourself, here are a few of my favorite makeup tips, particularly for senior girls or styled shoots:

  • Please bring supplies for touch ups! Hairbrush, hairspray, your lipstick, we want to make sure you stay glamourous all shoot long!

  • Men, do not be afraid of a bit of concealer! We want you to look your best too, and no one should be at the mercy of acne or eye bags, and I promise no one will be able to tell you’re wearing makeup.

  • If you are a lady who loves false eyelashes, there is no better time for them than a photoshoot! They add just a bit of glamour and fun to your look and always give a pop of femininity.

  • If you are going to keep your makeup natural looking, I always reccomend still wearing chapstick with just a bit of color or a lipstick slightly darker than your natural lip color. It helps keep our lips distinguished from our face and accentuates the whiteness in our teeth.

  • Be sparing on highlighter, particularly if you are fair. Highlighter can tend to look oily in high-resolution photos if done in excess

Where do I go?

Don’t have a location in mind for your shoot yet? Below you can find links to several frequented locations clients love in my main locations of Dallas and Savannah.

My shoot is finished! Now what?

Once the day of the photoshoot is done, your part is all finished! All clients can expect their images to be completed within 4-6 weeks, and will receive a password that grants them access to all your images in a drive. This password may be shared with anyone you wish to do be able to download photos, but keeps the general public from checking out your imagery. These images will live in the drive permanently and will always be accessible.

My package does not include prints, however after you receive digitals, you may choose to print images through me for an additional charge. I do not include watermarks on my images, so photos are ready for printing upon completion.

In regards to sharing, I simply ask if you have the extra second to link to my website ( in your caption or credit my social media accounts (@artsytaylor) that you tag me! It’s always a joy to see your images shared and I would love to connect with friends and families. In the event a photograph of yours is sought for print publication you will be contacted for further information.

And that’s it! Youre all done!