Film, Television, and Videography

While my first love is with still photography, my deepest love is with motion pictures and the visuals that bring them to life. I love every aspect of film and have worked as many different jobs on a multitude of projects, ranging from film, TV, music video, and commercial work.


First and foremost, my greatest love in filmmaking is behind camera. Operating a camera, desiging shots, lighting a space, you could not find me in a happier place! Above you may find my camera reel full of projects I have worked camera team as a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, or 1st AC. 


Featuring footage from:

Cut Throat (2018)

Haunted (2018)

Vetruvian Lights (2017)

For the Boys (2017)

What You Need (2017)

L'aviateur (2017)

Neighbors (2018)

Daryn (2018)

Spectrum (2018)

Good Cop, Crazy Cop (2018)

Touched (2018)

I am Astronaut (2016)

Shades of Tree (2018)





Art Direction and Production Design

Growing up in the theater I not only loved performance of singing and dancing on stage, but the process of building a set, a home for the characters to dwell and grow in as they lived out their stories. Working as the Art Director at a children's theater in my time in high school and out of college, film offered the opportunity to extend that passion on-screen in a more permanent way. Here you may find projects in which I have been the Art Director or Lead production designer for, including the 2018 Project YellowLight Winner PSA against texting and driving and SCAD's single-camera musical sitcom, Neighbors.