"What You Need" Music Video

Hey guys! As many of you know, and for those of you who don't, I am a film student at SCAD, learning how to work behind the camera and bring stories to life from a visual and technical perspective. One of my favorite things about school is getting to work with other abundantly creative people on a multitude of projects, both in and out of class. This past quarter of school, I had the amazing opportunity to work with an incredible group of 4 others to bring to life a music video for the artist BAYNK and their new song, "What You Need." Under the direction of Alice Aguiar, myself and Tommy Rodgers as Co-Directors of Photography, and Kaitlyn Frederick and Justin Smith taking on a multitude of rolls from 1st AD, Production Design, Grip and Gaffing, here is our final product, and boy am I proud! We worked incredibly hard, stalking around the woods of South Carolina, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and dancing around on top of parking garages while hanging out the roof of a car. So blessed to have such incredible classmates who make gorgeous material and are relentlessly hard workers! Check out "What You Need" and all of our fun behind the scenes antics!

Prep Avenue Collaboration-Meet Shannon

One thing I have cherished about my college since day one is all of the phenomenal artists and creators I get to work with on a daily basis, and Shannon is no exception! A recent graduate of Furman University, Shannon made the excellent decision to come to SCAD for her graduate work in Fashion and Luxury Management, where she happened upon me. Now I get the incredible opportunity to work with this joyous and radiant lady on a weekly basis as we shoot for her stellar blog Prep Avenue and wear lots of scallops, bows, and of course vibrant colors. Check out our first two weeks shoots and this adorable sweet girl's phenomenal blog, and be on the lookout for lots more of Shannon and her classic style! 

NCL Girls

Every now and again I have the opportunity to work with large groups and the chance to photograph lots of smiling faces! This time around, it was the beautiful ladies of National Charity League's Legacy Frisco Chapter! NCL is a national non-profit organization of mother and daughter members in Chapters across the United States. These lovely ladies work so hard to better the lives of people around them, and their generosity and love for others is radiant and contagious! So please check out the 2019 class' headshots, which will be used in their upcoming Junior Style Show that celebrates each chapter's upcoming high school juniors! Over 15 lovely members modeled for me in the blistering heat of Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX! What troopers! 

For more information on NCL, be sure to check them out at nationalcharityleague.org.

Jenna and Caleb-Couple Session

Nothing brings my heart more joy than to see people happy together and loving one another purely and wholely. Jenna and Caleb are no exception. I have known both of them several years now, and each time I meet them I am more impressed. They are full of such passion for the church and such a genuine and wholesome love for one another that I think many should aspire to, not to mention they're buckets of fun!  This beautiful pair and sweet friends of mine trekked out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano with me in the blistering 100+ degree Texas heat and modeled for me in a themed couple shoot I had planned. And let me tell you, no one rocks pink like these two! Beautiful photos aside, I could not ask for a more gracious and easygoing pair to photograph and to walk through the crazy path of life. Check out this amazing couple and their fun picnic in the woods!  

Alene- Senior Photos

Who plays soccer, captains the drill team, leads the entire marching band, and manages to stay beautiful and humble through it all! Alene, that's who! I grew up watching sweet Alene conquer the world, and now  this beautiful lady is all grown up and ready to take on every challenge! For her senior session, we explored downtown Carrollton, TX and even meandered through Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX, a senior favorite. She managed to rock a drill team captain's whistle and hat, her gorgeous saxophone, and even survived the horrendously loud train that plowed past us! Check out her beautiful and charismatic smile on this fun session! 

Ally and Olivia

College is a time of exciting change. New places, new faces, and a new world of feats to accomplish, but nothing beats seeing a friendly face. I could not have been more honored to photograph my sweet friend Olivia Ruffin and her best friend from home in Virginia, Ally, as she came and visited Savannah for the weekend. We went exploring Wormsloe Historic Site, where The Last Song was shot, and took plenty of fun pics and jammed out to "She Will Be Loved". Check out all their sweet photos and Olivia's blog for a full post! 

Influential Women

What little girl doesn't love to play dress up? I know I continually dawned a cape and mud-soaked overalls when I was growing up, pretending to be a queen of my backyard kingdom. There is something to being in costume that releases us of inhibitions, frees us to escape ourselves and become whoever we want to be. The power of costuming can be as equally as empowering when it means you can temporarily transform into someone that changed the world as we know it. For my Photo 114 final project, I embarked on a mission to embody the spirits of eight of the most iconic women in history through the powerful tool of production design, what I originally came to art school for, and to showcase their lasting influence in our society through modern, vibrant images and my beautiful friends here at SCAD. From politics to entertainment, civil rights activists to war heroes, my sweet and incredible models beautifully captured the souls of women who changed history through the simple pursuit of something more and the ardent hunger to better the world they lived in. Check out all of these gorgeous gals and our adventures all throughout Savannah, and be on the lookout for a behind-the-scenes documentary about the process behind this amazing series!

*Women featured include :

Marilyn Monroe

Amelia Earhart

Frida Khalo

Anne Frank

Harriet Tubman

Madam Marie Curie

Susan B. Anthony

Helen Keller

Class Assignment-Retouch

An essential skill of any photographer is to be able to correctly retouch and airbrush skin. Assigned with airbrushing models skin, I set to work organizing a fun element of color exploration for my models and exploring how their natural features, such as their hair, helped to accentuate and feed into the idea of contrasting colors. Check out this series with some new and familiar faces! Haleigh, Ashna, Alice, and Michaela rocked it!

Class Assignment-Color

The best kind of photos are the ones that are cheap, fun, and inventive! For this project, me and three friends challenged ourselves to create studio-style lighting in our own dorm room! Check out the results as Emily, Carson, and Justin helped to make a fun mini project happen in our dorm room with no more than a desk lamp, iPhone flashlight, and colored pieces of paper. 

Bri-Marilyn Monroe

Nope, sorry these aren’t long lost photos of Marilyn Monroe, but they’re as close as it gets! Say hello to Bri again, an incredible aspiring actress and model, absolutely rocking it as Marilyn as part of my new photo series replicating photos of famous historical women. Bri is just the first of many planned shoots, and I wanted to show off her amazing work as a kickstarter for the full series. Check out her uncanny photos and behind-the-scenes video, and be sure to be on the lookout for many more incredible women on the way!

Clara for Eloise

One of the coolest things about my college is getting to interact with people from all over the world. On this particular shoot, I had the honor of working with not one, but two lovely international ladies! Clara, our bold and brilliant model, comes from Ghana, while the fashion designer behind the outfit, Eloise, calls Paris, France her home. I had an incredible day learning and photographing with these incredibly talented women at Historic Fort Pulanski. Take a moment to check out some of my favorite shots and admire Eloise's incredible handiwork. She made the skirt, blazer, and top from scratch, AND did Clara's elegant hair and edgy makeup!

Hannah Sandlin-Arboretum

One of my favorite parts about coming home is seeing my incredible friends. Hannah Sandlin is no exception. She is one of the most radiant, vibrant, and strong people in my life, and a day with her is a day well spent! After trekking out to the Dallas Arboretum, Hannah lovingly modeled for me until closing, which we followed up with Steel City Pops and lots of heart-to-heart talks. Much love to this beautiful human!

Olivia, Ally, and Cher for Mamie Ruth | M.Liz

What's better than a sunny afternoon in Forsyth Park? How about a sunny afternoon with three fun, beautiful ladies, popsicles, and adorable clothes in Forsyth Park! Meet Olivia, Allison, and Cher, three roommates with the best of styles and smiles. These three lovely ladies spent the afternoon modeling in boho and Coachella-esque clothes and jewelry, all provided by Mamie Ruth/ M. Liz boutique of Savannah. To check out or purchase any of these amazing looks and more, just click here: http://www.mamieruth-mliz.com

Photo within a Photo

Remember that time I said I would try not to post school projects? Well, whoops, I lied to you. But these are just a little bit cute! Challenged to "photograph the photograph," I chose to live out my love for film by replicating famous movie posters and scenes using only pieces of cut paper. After cutting out all the silhouettes by hand (and gluing back together the ones I had ripped,) I set out throughout Savannah to best replicate the film posters using only my little paper dolls and camera. Here are some of the results, featuring replicates of movies such as La La Land, The Exorcist, and Forrest Gump. Can you guess them all?

Photography Final 201

Uh Oh! Looks like I slipped in front of the camera! While I try not to normally post school projects,  I was actually pleasantly surprised enough to feature this series here on my website. Challenged with the task of taking a series of 10-15 fragmented self-images to represent who we are, I chose to explore the idea of having a "colorful personality" and how that can embody itself in our personas or characteristics.

Kourtney Goins Designer Skirt

Going to an art school crammed full of talented people is a wonderful thing, and one of the best parts about that means getting to work with people of different creative careers and collaborating our passions. On this particular occasion, I had the absolute honor of working for one of my sweet, sweet friends, up and coming designer Kourtney Goins, and my incredible and talented actress and model extrodinaire, Bri, to model Kourtney's handmade white floral pencil skirt. A fun afternoon in Forsyth park and some time with friends is always a blessing, especially when it means you all get to add a little more to your portfolio just by hanging out!

Bri and Olivia-Valentines Day

Hearts, hearts everywhere! I absolutely LOVE Valentines Day, and thankfully so did these girls! My sweet friends Bri and Olivia absolutely rocked it on this fun heart-day themed shoot. Though we didn't get the studio we wanted, I think we had even more fun just rocking it with 30 balloons in an empty classroom on the 4th floor! Check out all the pics and our fun video!