FOCUS-Texting and Driving PSA

Hey looky here! A film school post! That's right kids, despite what my website might make you believe I am a film and television student and am on a film set just about every Thursday-Sunday. This particular set was one of my favorites. "FOCUS," directed Nicholas Meese and shot by George Rowson, was one of the most fun sets I have ever had the pleasure to work on. Brought on board as their Production Designer, I was tasked with creating a set that looked like the backlot of a film for their PSA against texting and driving and creating props like a backdrop that could be jumped through, a laptop that could spark, and a light that could be wrecked if needed. Check out Focus and lots of fun BTS photos below!

Cailtlyn and Olivia for Old Navy

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing screams summer fun like bright colors and vibrant smiles! Thankfully, sweet fashion icons Olivia Ruffin and Caitlyn Bryant provide ceaseless fun and vivacious personalities all year round! These two lovely ladies looked outstanding as they rocked this "Hi! Fashion" campaign for Old Navy down on Tybee Island, Georgia, waving hello to the newest in summer fashions. I think it had been years since I'd even seen an Old Navy, and no lie, I Googled the closest one on the way home from our shoot because I was smitten with the bright colors and comfy materials these girls rocked. Check out these gorgeous and classy beach babes and our day in the sun!

Family Session-Film Family

My job always leads me to fun and exciting ventures, and replicating family photos for a film set is one of them! They may look like the picture perfect family, but they only met once prior to this shoot! These lovely folks are all actors, and we met so briefly I didn't even catch their names! These photos we'll go on to be part of an upcoming film they are in, entitled Full Circle. Stay updated for more about the film!

Julianna-Mini Session

Sometimes, it pays to not do your job! Although Julianna and I were on the set of Full Circle as extras, we were both too excited about the location to sit around and in between takes decided to run around the campus of Savannah Arts Academy to take a few pictures. Check out my gorgeous friend and I reliving our high school days in the classroom. 

"What You Need" Music Video

Hey guys! As many of you know, and for those of you who don't, I am a film student at SCAD, learning how to work behind the camera and bring stories to life from a visual and technical perspective. One of my favorite things about school is getting to work with other abundantly creative people on a multitude of projects, both in and out of class. This past quarter of school, I had the amazing opportunity to work with an incredible group of 4 others to bring to life a music video for the artist BAYNK and their new song, "What You Need." Under the direction of Alice Aguiar, myself and Tommy Rodgers as Co-Directors of Photography, and Kaitlyn Frederick and Justin Smith taking on a multitude of rolls from 1st AD, Production Design, Grip and Gaffing, here is our final product, and boy am I proud! We worked incredibly hard, stalking around the woods of South Carolina, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and dancing around on top of parking garages while hanging out the roof of a car. So blessed to have such incredible classmates who make gorgeous material and are relentlessly hard workers! Check out "What You Need" and all of our fun behind the scenes antics!