Cailtlyn and Olivia for Old Navy

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing screams summer fun like bright colors and vibrant smiles! Thankfully, sweet fashion icons Olivia Ruffin and Caitlyn Bryant provide ceaseless fun and vivacious personalities all year round! These two lovely ladies looked outstanding as they rocked this "Hi! Fashion" campaign for Old Navy down on Tybee Island, Georgia, waving hello to the newest in summer fashions. I think it had been years since I'd even seen an Old Navy, and no lie, I Googled the closest one on the way home from our shoot because I was smitten with the bright colors and comfy materials these girls rocked. Check out these gorgeous and classy beach babes and our day in the sun!

Madison-Fashion Session

Who's as stunning as she is talented? Madison, that's who! Meet Madison, a is spirited and gorgeous fashion major at SCAD Savannah, and spends her days creating amazing pieces such as the amazing jacket below. After finding it at a thrift store, Madison acid washed and then hand-dyed the incredible design below. Check out some of my fun shots with this girl as we tore up this fun grafitti stone henge in South Carolina! For more of her incredible work, check her out on instagram at @mtongdangjoueart

Alli-Fashion Session

I love working with fashion majors, particularly when they are the outrageously kind and exceptionally creative! And no one fits that bill more than Alli! Kind, radiant, and wickedly inventive, Alli is one of my favorite humans on the planet because her heart is as huge as her potential. Alli created this stunning piece for her fashion final and did me the honor of photographing her in her incredible handiwork. Made of mosaic tiles, repurposed thrift clothes, string, and of course, some whimsical dream catchers, Alli designed and hand-made this phenomenal 2 piece set to embody the idea of the earth and nature. If you ever get the opportunity to experience this girl's authentic and infectious joy, take it! And be on the lookout for all of her incredible work to come!

Prep Avenue Collaboration-Meet Shannon

One thing I have cherished about my college since day one is all of the phenomenal artists and creators I get to work with on a daily basis, and Shannon is no exception! A recent graduate of Furman University, Shannon made the excellent decision to come to SCAD for her graduate work in Fashion and Luxury Management, where she happened upon me. Now I get the incredible opportunity to work with this joyous and radiant lady on a weekly basis as we shoot for her stellar blog Prep Avenue and wear lots of scallops, bows, and of course vibrant colors. Check out our first two weeks shoots and this adorable sweet girl's phenomenal blog, and be on the lookout for lots more of Shannon and her classic style!