Hayley and Michael

I have had the absolute honor of knowing both Hayley and Michael since high school, and even then I was inspired by their authentic and selfless love of one another. They radiate a joy and respect for each other, and if there were ever a more cherishing and devoted couple, I’ve yet to meet them! Check out this precious pair’s engagement session, taken at the Rustic Grace Estates, where they will say their vows in a just little less than a year! Congrats to the happy couple and thank you for the inspirational way you relentlessly love one another.

Matt and Olivia

I ADORE shooting couples, and ones as cute as Matt and Olivia absolutely make my day! As of late I have been trying to shoot stereotypical photos in unconventional places, and Matt and Olivia were more than willing to help with my shenanigans! We spent sometime wandering through parks, hanging out in grocery stores, and even loitering a bit in front of a high school. Check out there gorgeous romantic session in and about Savannah! 

Jenna and Caleb-Couple Session

Nothing brings my heart more joy than to see people happy together and loving one another purely and wholely. Jenna and Caleb are no exception. I have known both of them several years now, and each time I meet them I am more impressed. They are full of such passion for the church and such a genuine and wholesome love for one another that I think many should aspire to, not to mention they're buckets of fun!  This beautiful pair and sweet friends of mine trekked out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano with me in the blistering 100+ degree Texas heat and modeled for me in a themed couple shoot I had planned. And let me tell you, no one rocks pink like these two! Beautiful photos aside, I could not ask for a more gracious and easygoing pair to photograph and to walk through the crazy path of life. Check out this amazing couple and their fun picnic in the woods!