Influential Women

What little girl doesn't love to play dress up? I know I continually dawned a cape and mud-soaked overalls when I was growing up, pretending to be a queen of my backyard kingdom. There is something to being in costume that releases us of inhibitions, frees us to escape ourselves and become whoever we want to be. The power of costuming can be as equally as empowering when it means you can temporarily transform into someone that changed the world as we know it. For my Photo 114 final project, I embarked on a mission to embody the spirits of eight of the most iconic women in history through the powerful tool of production design, what I originally came to art school for, and to showcase their lasting influence in our society through modern, vibrant images and my beautiful friends here at SCAD. From politics to entertainment, civil rights activists to war heroes, my sweet and incredible models beautifully captured the souls of women who changed history through the simple pursuit of something more and the ardent hunger to better the world they lived in. Check out all of these gorgeous gals and our adventures all throughout Savannah, and be on the lookout for a behind-the-scenes documentary about the process behind this amazing series!

*Women featured include :

Marilyn Monroe

Amelia Earhart

Frida Khalo

Anne Frank

Harriet Tubman

Madam Marie Curie

Susan B. Anthony

Helen Keller