Annie - Senior Session

Annie Annie Annie! Nothing quite warms my heart like this girl’s easy-going nature and effortless elegance! I met her when I was in high school and every year since she has continued to impress me with her maturity, kindness, and ceaseless work ethic. Her heart is open, considerate, and so embracing of others And it’s a wonder she has any time for herself! I had so much fun sneaking into this nature reserve after hours, and parading around Prairie Creek Park in her absolutely stunning prom dress as we fought about 10 other photographers for a spot in front of the waterfall. When all was said and done, we had an absolutely joy-filled session and some gorgeous photographs to prove it. Check out this gorgeous lady and her amazing style!

Caleb-Mini Session

Have you met Caleb? Well it’s about time! Caleb has been a brother to me for a long time, which means sometimes, I can convince him to do crazy little adventures with me! On this particular occasion, we went location scouting in Sanger, TX in hopes of finding a spot that I had often seen on Instagram, however we were even more lucky to stumble across this cute little baseball field immediately across from a farm filled with horses! Here are some favorite little moments from our day out in Sanger.

Cassie and Morgan

Nothing fills my heart with as much joy as being around the people I love, and Minnesota is literally chock full of those people. Back in August I got to spend time with a few of the most darling people in my life, Cassie and Morgan, both of whom I met on mission trips several years back. These two incredible women have been groundwork in my life and a foundation of friendship and love that I could not ever earn. These beautiful ladies fill my hear with glee almost as much as sunflower fields, and the combination of the two couldn’t make for a better afternoon. Check out our gorgeous and happy day, spent prancing around the sunflower field in a sunny field somewhere in Minnesota.

Liam-Abandoned Church

Every now and again, I manage to snag a friend for unplanned adventures in photography, and my heart always leaps with joy when Liam answers that call to adventure. An outstanding photographer and videographer himself (I had been following him on social media for almost 3 years as a fan before I ever met him!) Liam and hiked it out near Rincon, Georgia to explore an abandoned church I uncovered in some sleuthing. Old pianos, worn down shacks, Christmas decor circa 1960, and cobweb covered pews made for a fun afternoon of photos and laughter. Be sure to check Liam out here at his website.

Mya-Senior Session

There’s nothing like a girl with spunk, and Mya has spunk to spare! This sweet senior of Hebron high school spent her senior session in Deep Ellum and Highland parking, rocking every outfit and and pose with incomparable flare! Mya is a golf rock star, fashion icon, and absolutely RADIATES in front of a camera! See so for yourself and check out some highlights of her fashionable session!

Imani Etherly Senior Photos

I have had the honor to have known Imani for several years now, and to see the incredible and beautiful woman she has become has been a joy and privilege. Imani radiates an incredible balance of maturity and fun, and no matter where she gets planted she will bloom. Check out this sweet girl’s faux-Mediterranean senior session in the beautiful streets of Adriatica Village!

Lily- Senior Session

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, Lily’s senior session was one for the books! This elegant lady is every photographers dream: beautiful, easy-going, well-dressed, and great taste in locations! Despite rain she remained poised and elegant and still had the best makeup ever! Filled with talent, class, and a contagious laugh, Lily is sure to do great things wherever she ends up! Check out her fun session the Arts District of Downtown Dallas and Highland Park!

Hayley and Michael

I have had the absolute honor of knowing both Hayley and Michael since high school, and even then I was inspired by their authentic and selfless love of one another. They radiate a joy and respect for each other, and if there were ever a more cherishing and devoted couple, I’ve yet to meet them! Check out this precious pair’s engagement session, taken at the Rustic Grace Estates, where they will say their vows in a just little less than a year! Congrats to the happy couple and thank you for the inspirational way you relentlessly love one another.

FOCUS-Texting and Driving PSA

Hey looky here! A film school post! That's right kids, despite what my website might make you believe I am a film and television student and am on a film set just about every Thursday-Sunday. This particular set was one of my favorites. "FOCUS," directed Nicholas Meese and shot by George Rowson, was one of the most fun sets I have ever had the pleasure to work on. Brought on board as their Production Designer, I was tasked with creating a set that looked like the backlot of a film for their PSA against texting and driving and creating props like a backdrop that could be jumped through, a laptop that could spark, and a light that could be wrecked if needed. Check out Focus and lots of fun BTS photos below!

Jord Unique Wooden Watches- New Spring Style Accessory

Now I know you guys are used to seeing beautiful faces here on the website, which is why I am so excited to get show off a new kind of face! Many of you that know me personally know that I am not very fashionably inclined (if it couldn’t also double as pajamas, it’s probably too fancy for me) but lucky for me, Jord has come to my rescue with watches that easily complement any look and effortlessly class up any outfit!

I am a sucker for all things wooden when it comes to accessories, and Jord makes some of the most gorgeous minimalist wooden watches available on the market; simple and elegant, lightweight and sleek. As it starts to warm up here in sunny Savannah, it means my thick layers of sweatshirts will soon have to migrate into hibernation, and that my arms might actually see sunlight for the first time since the the solar eclipse. And seeing as I am going to need something beautiful to distract from the blinding light of my paleness, I snagged myself an outrageously chic Dark Sandalwood and Smoke model from their Frankie series.

The results were magical. It was like I had The One Ring from Lord of the Rings, but instead of invisibility, I had the power to look like a person who has their life together. One day while I was wearing it someone even confused me for a real adult, so you know it must have some magic embedded in the band or something.

And the best part of all is that Jord wants to make sure you’re a part of the magic and compliment-fests and is offering up the chance to win $100 of store credit toward your next fabulous wooden watch! Simply follow the links below to enter and select your dream watch. Though there’s only one winner, all entries will receive a discount code of 10% off their in-store purchase. So what are you waiting for? Join the fun and lets match!

Matt and Olivia

I ADORE shooting couples, and ones as cute as Matt and Olivia absolutely make my day! As of late I have been trying to shoot stereotypical photos in unconventional places, and Matt and Olivia were more than willing to help with my shenanigans! We spent sometime wandering through parks, hanging out in grocery stores, and even loitering a bit in front of a high school. Check out there gorgeous romantic session in and about Savannah! 

Cailtlyn and Olivia for Old Navy

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing screams summer fun like bright colors and vibrant smiles! Thankfully, sweet fashion icons Olivia Ruffin and Caitlyn Bryant provide ceaseless fun and vivacious personalities all year round! These two lovely ladies looked outstanding as they rocked this "Hi! Fashion" campaign for Old Navy down on Tybee Island, Georgia, waving hello to the newest in summer fashions. I think it had been years since I'd even seen an Old Navy, and no lie, I Googled the closest one on the way home from our shoot because I was smitten with the bright colors and comfy materials these girls rocked. Check out these gorgeous and classy beach babes and our day in the sun!

Family Session-Film Family

My job always leads me to fun and exciting ventures, and replicating family photos for a film set is one of them! They may look like the picture perfect family, but they only met once prior to this shoot! These lovely folks are all actors, and we met so briefly I didn't even catch their names! These photos we'll go on to be part of an upcoming film they are in, entitled Full Circle. Stay updated for more about the film!

Julianna-Mini Session

Sometimes, it pays to not do your job! Although Julianna and I were on the set of Full Circle as extras, we were both too excited about the location to sit around and in between takes decided to run around the campus of Savannah Arts Academy to take a few pictures. Check out my gorgeous friend and I reliving our high school days in the classroom. 

Tessa and Olivia-Downtown Dallas

There's nothing like reconnecting with old friends, and that especially includes ones as beautiful and fun as these ladies! I have known both Olivia and Tessa for over 10 years, and it has been a privilege to watch these incredible girls grow into strong, intelligent, and gorgeous ladies. These besties are some of the sweetest individuals on the planet, and I had the honor of photographing their visit to downtown Dallas and their adventurous antics as we perused the city. Check out their fun day as we ventured through the Dallas Museum of Art, Klyde Warren Park, Deep Ellum and more!

Chloe-Senior Session

Literally I have nothing else to say other than this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite senior sessions ever! Chloe is outrageously stunning, utterly patient, and good-natured. Chloe is a gift to the world, an incredibly beautiful soul in an equally beautiful wrapping! Not only is she sweet as candy, but stylish out the wazoo! Check out Chloe's incredibly fun ~wintry~ session from Arbor Hills and congrats to this soon to be grad!  


There aren't many people on the planet that boast an internal beauty as equally radiant as their external beauty, but lucky for me Hannah is gorgeous in all regards! I have known this sweet beautiful lady what feels like my whole life, and yet with each passing moment she exudes more and more reasons to love her! One of those reasons is that she's always up for an adventure, and is always willing to shoot with me. On this occasion we were able to enjoy one of the most beautfiul afternoons imagineable at the Dallas Arboretum and explore many of their autumn and winter themed exhibits. Check out Hannah's fun session as bassically the real life and style-inclined Snow White!